Visuals for CBRE Japan Forum 2017
CBRE Logistech 2016 booth illustrations
Graphics elements for Funkadeli // Shanghai
Illustration for Revue Reliefs issue #4
Hiroshima Karikakoi illustration
The Bestiary of Knowledge and Pleasure (pl. I-VIII)
Illustrations for NEON Magazine
CBRE Japan Circle of Excellence // Invitation map
I quaderni dei conti // 3 covers for Multifolia Atelier
dEEgctionary // 9 posters for an EGGxhibition.
L'umana condizione: allegorie, piante e pesci.
Portraits for Wirz, Zürich
Lui, lei e Charles // Book cover
Self-portrait with hairpiece and many eyes
Big Bang Theory before the Big bang theory
De Urbibus
Appunti di viaggio metropolitani